To spread the love of the one worthy of loving, our Sweet Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (Sall’Allahu Ta’ala Alayhi Wa’alihi Wa’sallam)



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    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Alhamdulillah, MashaAllah. Nice to see another ahlus sunnah blog, we need more sites like these if we are to represent the truth and combat the batil.


  2. 2

    Haider said,

    Jazakh Allah for your support Brother.

  3. 3

    Sufyan Yunus said,


    Assalamu alaikum Sidi,

    MashaAllah, this new blog layout looks really nice.

    MashaAllah, keep up the good work and may Allah Ta’ala reward abundantly in this life and the next. Ameen.


    Sufyan Yunus

  4. 4

    Sufyan Yunus said,


    Assalamu alaikum Sidi,

    I wasn’t sure of where I should like you know, but Shaykh Ninowy (hafidhahullah) will be in the UK December 18th to January 2nd. MashaAllah, that is a long time and a lot can be learned from the Shaykh, inshaAllah. InshaAllah, I pray you will meet him and benefit from the Shaykh (hafidahullah).


    Sufyan Yunus

  5. 5

    Haider said,

    Walaikum assalam,

    Jazak Allahu Khayr for the information.

    Allah Ta’ala has blessed those in the UK with another chance of learning from, and being in the presence of such a distinguished personality. Insha’Allah, I will try to attend some of the gatherings held by the Shaykh.

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    Taj Muhammad Attari said,

    Assalamu Alikum…….
    Dear Islamic Brothers and Sisters.

    KIND ATTENTION: Please Inactivate this muslim-responses.com (a WAHABI Website) from our yasayyidi.wordpress.com

    Has anyone of u noticed that a Wahabi Link by name muslim-responses.com has been activated by some one on the right Corner of the Page of our Website.

    i am not able to understand that how it has been got activated on our website.

    Dear brothers i don’t know to whom should i Contact to Inactivate this muslim-responses.com

    If you know the Procedure to Inactivate this, please do it …….. as early as possible.

  7. 7

    Taj Muhammad Attari said,

    muslim-responces.com is a Website which is being run by One of the Wahabi Sect i.e. Jamaat-e-Islam (Acctually its not a Jamat of Islam, its acctually a” Jamat of Dhajjal”)

    and it is Controlled by Zakir Naik and hais followers.

    Please Note: Ahmed Deedat is the Teacher of Zakir Naik.

  8. 8

    Haider said,

    Walaikum as’salam Taj Muhammad Attari Qadri,

    I have removed the link as per your request.

    Jazak’Allahu khayran

  9. 9

    Sabiri said,

    As Salaam Alaikum
    If we are polite to everyone in this world,
    must we make it farz for us or it is sunnat?
    Thank you

  10. 10

    Haider said,

    Walaikum as’salam,

    Certain actions are considered Fardh whilst others are considered Sunnah. Somebody once said, “To be a good Muslim, first you have to be a good human being”.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Haider said,

    Walaykum MIRZA AQIB BAIG. I am not connected to Dawat-e-Islami, so the best place to find out information about becoming a mureed of Ameer-Ahle Sunnat is to visit their website: http://www.dawateislami.net/

  13. 13

    mujahid ahmed said,

    asalamu alaykum brother
    excellent site i love the work u are doing for the ahle sunnat wal jamaat, i have alot of respect for u!
    just wanted to also recomend a website to add to ur links on da site of da screen – baharemadinah.com
    check it out and see if u approve although i’m almost 100 % sure theyr sunnis
    ..anyway keep it up w/salam

  14. 14

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Shukran for your kind words. May your website become a success and be a source of enlightenment for everyone. Ameen.

    PS: I have added your site to the links.

  15. 15

    mujahid ahmed said,

    jazakallah bro for the kindness
    although may i point out that baharemadinah.com is not my site, just a new sunni site i came across the other day. ameen to ur duas, i pray it becomes a great success too, inshallah!

    keep up the excellent work, may allah bless you

  16. 16

    aamin ansari said,

    asalomo alekum to all sunni muslim who loves to prophet mohammad sallaho basllam please follow our prohpet life and his rules and regulation ,offer 5time sunnah send darod as much as we can . congratulation to all sunni musllim there for beacase of prophet mohammad sallaho basllam we got ramdam and quran .Both is way to get success in life.

  17. 17

    A O A.
    Hello In charge,
    I visited your website and deeply impressed by your work and teachings. I found that you are doing a great work for the Islam and Islamic people in the meantime. I am a professional translator as you know that the Urdu is the language of different countries such as Pakistan , Bangladesh , India , Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan ,etc. i want that your work Should be appreciated in these countries. I want to do work with your ministry OR organization as a Urdu Translator’s. Hopes that you will consider me for this great option.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Zainab Naseem

  18. 18

    MashaALLAh this is very nice to me i see some histroic pictures on your website kee the good work and may ALLAH Ta”ala rewerd you in your life and the next Ameen

    Mubashar Ahmad

  19. 19

    Syed Ajaz Andrabi said,

    Sallams: Let we all submit to Allah and His Beloveds Sunnah in true spirits. We should at every step lit the fire if Ishqe Mustafa saw through our deeds as per the sayings of Sunnah, then we can get out from this debris where we are in nowadays. All these comments you spoke are mere words and truely we are not ready to sacrifice our lives for the Ihya of Sunnah.

  20. 20

    shaista said,

    dear brother.

    i am sorry for posting in wrong section but i was having problems navigating the blog to find appropriatye section to post – i sincerely hope that you will stil reply back inshallah!

    i am 26 years old woman and suffering from hair loss. my hair is just half of before and very thin 😦

    i was using minoxidil but it had alcohol and i suffered bad side effects from the medication and thise is the only option available for women.

    can you please tell me a dua i can read for hair loss/growth?

    how long of reading the dua does it take to see results

    please please reply i am very distressed and depressed and i dont know what to do 😦

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