Impact of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (Alayhis Asalam)

‘Blood rained from the sky when the Shahaadah of Imaam Hussain took place’


It is reported that when Imam al-Hussain was killed, the sky rained down blood. (Nadra al-Azdiya, a woman who was contemporary with Imam al – Hussain (AS), is said to have reported: “When al-Hussain b. ‘Ali was killed, the sky rained down blood, so that next morning we found our wells and water jugs filled with it.” This hadith is narrated by Ibn Hajar. )

Ummul Fadhl the daughter of al-Harith said that she entered on the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and she said: “Oh! Messenger of Allah, I saw a strange dream last night. He said: And what is it? She said: It was difficult. He said: And what is it? She said: I saw, as if, a piece of your body was severed and was put in my lap! The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: You saw well – Fatima will give birth, God willing, a boy so he will be in your lap. Then Fatima gave birth to al-Hussain and he was in my lap – just as the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said. So I entered one day on the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and put him in his lap, but I noticed that the eyes of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) pouring tears! So I said: Oh! Prophet of Allah, my parents are your ransom, what is with you? He said: Gabriel (AS) came to me and informed me that my nation (ummah) will kill this son of mine.” (al-Mustadrak al-Sahih, al-Hafidh al-Hakim al-Nisapouri, v. 3, p. 176, (al-Hakim said: “This is an authentic hadith (Sahih) on the conditions of Bukhari and Muslim but they did not print it”); Dalael al-Nubouwa, al-Hafidh al-Bayhaqi under the subject of al-Hussain (AS); Cf. Ibn al-A’tham IV, (Hyderabad, 1971), p. 211-2, the author narrates this hadith using a different chain of narration).



 What the Anglo Saxon said: 

You will see that it says “The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle is the single most important source for the history of England in Anglo-Saxon times” so to find something like this to prove the greatness of our Master Imaam Hussain ‘alayhis salaam is pretty amazing subhaanAllah wabihamdih. I read that Sayyidatuna Zainab a.s. made the du’a for the sky to turn to blood and the reason it didn’t happen in arabia but did happen in a place like england is that any record of it happening would have been destroyed by the enemies of Imaam al Hussain a.s. in arabia but how could they destroy it in england. Look how Allah Jala wa ‘Ala preserves history for us so we can be greatful for the sacrifices of His s.w.t.’s Slaves!

Ya Imaam Hussain ‘alaykas salaam Madad

SubhaanAllah wa bihamdih wa sallillahumma wa sallim ‘ala Habeebina Muhammad wa ‘ala Aalihi wa ‘ajil farajahum.


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  1. 1

    dawudwalid said,

    As-Salaamu `Alaykum,

    Very interesting post.

  2. 2

    Muhammad said,

    Dear All, The article is very very informative and enlightening, I pray that these Wahabbis look in their hearts and judge for themselves, if they are enemies of Imaam SaiyyadUsh Shohdaa Imaam Hussain or friends of Yazeed the tryant…….? Really these Wahabbis are bent upoun destroying Islam from Within, may this Wahabbi Emire fall and it will definitely.

  3. 3

    Salamun Alaikum,
    Tohfa Ya ELI Madad,

    May Lord bless you and keep you in His Great Mercy and Grace. Thanks for your good remarks and efforts against the infidels hidden behind the veil of Islam, the so called Muslims but the seeds of Sheytan and the sons of Yazid Lanah. These Wahhabies are the mischiefmakers.

    please also look these websites for Islamic refrences:

    With best wishes,

    S.Akbar Bokhari

  4. 4

    ashfaq ladhani said,

    thanx for ur info keep up the ggreat work

  5. 5

    ur good wedsite for shia, i m intrested book of Hadis-e-Rasool for Imamhusain, ru help me

  6. 6

    Haider said,

    S.N.Lal, Journalist, this is a ‘Sunni’ site and not a ‘Shia’ one. The Ahle Sunnah love and respect Imam Hussain (Alayhi salam).

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