Mawlid – The Ahle Sunnah Way!

For those that think reading Naats and Salat o Salaam (standing up or sitting down) is just a “Barelwi” thing, should re-evaluate their views and broaden their horizon by watching these two clips.

Praising the attributes of the Sweet Holy Prophet (Sallal Lahu Ta’ala Alaihi Waleihi Wa Salam) is a trademark of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.

Somali Hadra/Mawlid in Lefke with Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqni

A Grand Mawlid and Zikr in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with Al-Sayyid Muhammed Bin Alawi Al Maliki (R.A)  

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    MadSufi said,

    True. Reading Naats and Salat o Salaam is not just a “Barelwi” thing. But for certain people there are only four types of Muslims: Barelwi, Deobandi, Wahhabi and Shia. I have myself experienced this. If they see you reading Naat after friday prayer, you will be a “barelwi”, if you pray behind a Jamaat-e-Islami Imam, you will be a “Wahhabi”, if you for some reason don’t attend a Mawlid celebration, people will begin speculating if you’ve become a Deobandi, if they hear you praise Hazrat Ali, they will think you’re Shia.

  2. 2

    would you believe that there are ignorant muslims out there who believe that the barelwies invented mawlid………….??

  3. 3

    usman said,

    it is obligatory on every part of the muslim to know about his prophet in earthly and heavenly life that is his soul and mind need to know the prophet. celebration of prophets birth makes the laymen to know about the prophet no one either a barelawi,nor a wahabi or a deobandi is ignorant about his prophet, the master of his soul every one must confirm the loyalty to his/her prophet, mowlid meelad celebrations pave way to laymen to prove the loyality

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