Esteem for that which is connected to the Beloved (Sallal Laahu Ta’ala Alaihi wasallam)

The following is taken from page 247/248 of Ash Shifa Shareef by Qadi Ayad (Rahmatullah Alaih), please note it was written over 800 years ago, so yes the beliefs of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (Rahmatullah Alaih)are nothing new and go all the way back to the RasoolAllah (SalAllahu Alaih Wasalam) and his Companions (RadiAllah Anhum).


Part of esteem and regard for him is esteem for all the things connected to him and honour  for the places in Madina, Makkah or elsewhere that the Prophet (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) touched or that are known through him.


It is related that Safiyya Bint Najda (RaziAllah ANha) said “Abu Madhura had a lock of hair at the front of his head which touched the ground when he sat down. He was asked ‘why don’t you cut it off?’ he said, ‘I will not cut off something that the Messenger of Allah (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) touched with his hand.’


Hazrat Khalid Ibn Walid (RaziAllah anho) had some blessed hairs of the Prophet (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) in his cap. In one of his battles the cap fell off and he fought for it in sucha a vehement meaner that the companions of the Prophet (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) objected because of the great number of men who were killed on account of it. He said, “I did not do it for the cap itself, but because of the blessed hair of the Beloved (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) that was in it so that I would not be stripped of its blessing and to avoid it falling into the hands of the idol-worshippers.”

Ibn Umar was seen to place his hand on the seat of the Prophet (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) in the minbar and then place it on his face.


This esteem was the reason why Malik did not ride an Animal in Madina, he used to say “I am too shy before Allah to trample with an animal’s hoof on the Earth where the Beloved of Allah (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) is buried.”


Abu Abdu’r-Rahman As Sulami (RaziAllah Anho) related that Ahmad Ibn Fadluwayh, the ascentic and a mighty archer and raider said, “I only touch a bow with my hand when I am in a state of purity since I heard that the Prophet (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) took a bow in his hand.”


It is related that one of the Shaykhs went on Hajj on foot and was asked why he did that. He said to the delinquent slave coming to the home of his master mounted! If I had been able to walk on my head, I would not have walked on my feet.”


One must respect the places where the Ayahs of the Quran were studied, the mosques in which the prayer was done, places that witnessed virtues and good deeds; the places which saw proofs and Miracles; the places associated with the rites of the deen and the stations of the Hajj and the stopped places of the Master of Messengers (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam); the place where the seal of Prophets (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam)lived and from which prophecy gushed forth and where its waves overflowed; the places which witnessed the message and the first earth that the skin of the Prophet (SalAllaho Alaih Wasalam) touched after his veil from this world. Its fragrance should be inhaled and its residences and walls should be kissed.



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