Dua for better eye sight

1) For strengthening eyesight, one should read Ya Shakooru 41 times on water and apply it to the eyes and them drink the remaining water. Insha’Allah Azzawajal you will notice a difference in your sight within 7 days.Please make your niyat before reciting.

  2) Recite the last part of the 22nd ayah of surah Qaf 7 times, after fardh of each prayer:

فَكَشَفْنَا عَنكَ غِطَاءكَ فَبَصَرُكَ الْيَوْمَ حَدِيدٌThen recite Ya Nooru 3 times and blow onto your thumbs and wipe over your eyes three times     


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    Mashood Abbasi said,

    for the first one how much water is required and can you use your fingers to apply the water to your eyes?

    thank you

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    Haider said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    You can place your fingers on your eyes to apply the water. Due to the requirement of drinking the water as well, preferably a glass of water would be a good choice.

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    nazaket ali ismaeel said,

    how many times a day you need to do it for the first one jazakhallah brother

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    Haider said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    There are many more ways of improving your eyesight, such as Surma and other Wzif’as. You may find something more effective by asking a Scholar.

    Ragarding your question, you only need do it once. For example, once on monday, and wait for seven days. Also, Recitation of Salawat and Salam on the Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) before and after will bring about more blessings, Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

    May Allah Ta’ala make it easy for you, and grant you your wishes. Ameen.

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    Kareen said,

    How long will it be before I get my eye sight back?

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    Haider said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum Kareen,

    For the first dua, look at comment 4 for your answer.

    For the second dua, I’m not quite sure. If I find out I’ll let you know. Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

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    kareen said,

    Walikum aslaam,

    Which is Ya Shakooru dua. and What is the last part of 22nd ayah of surah Qaf? Please tell me ASAP.

    what is the recitation of Salawat and Salam on the Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam)?

    Do I have to do step one and two, or are they options?

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    Haider said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    1) Ya Shakooru is not a dua but is one of the names of Allah Ta’ala. For more info look at this link:

    2) As for the 22nd ayah of Sur’ah al Qaf, view these two links:



    3) Salawat and Salam on the Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) means to send peace and blessing upon the Holy Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam). The recitation of Salawat will be a source of blessing and mercy from Allah Ta’ala. That is why we should recite Salawat and Salam on the Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) before and after dua’s anf other religious deeds.

    There are many you can recite, such as, Durood-e-Ibrahimi, which you recite in your daily Salah (prayers). This following link provides many other Salawats:


    4) Yes 1 and 2 are options.

    Hope this helps, Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

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    Nasreen (kareen) said,

    Walikum aslaam,

    Thank you for the answers. They really helped me.
    Thank you for the web-site you gave me.
    May Allah Bless you and your family.
    Please make dua for me that I may gain a 20/20 vision. Inshallah.
    Once again, thank you very much.

  10. 10

    Haider said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    Allhumma Sulay Ala Syeyedena Wa Maulana Muhammadeon Wa Ala
    Aaley Wa Ashabihi Wa Sallim.

    Ameen to your Dua.

    May Allah Ta’ala also bless you and your family. May Allah Ta’ala protect our eys from from evil and may He bless us with the Vision of His Beloved (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam). Ameen.

    Ya Rasool’Allahi Unzur Halaana
    Ya Habib’Allahi Isma’a Qalaana
    Innani Fi Bahr e Hammim Mugraqun
    Khuzyadi Sahillana Ashkalaana

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    Nasreen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    I have read that if you read the Darood shariff 1000 times a day, you’ll never die, until you see a your place in Heaven with your own eyes. Now, would that be the same if I read this darood because it is equal to 600,000 sawabs that you get from reading the Darood Shariff? http://www.islamicacademy.org/html/Dorood/Dorood-600000.htm

    I hope this makes sense.

  12. 12

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    No it won’t be the same if you read a different Durood Shairf than the one mentioned.

    You will have to recite the specific Durood Shairf that was mentioned.

    The reason is that each Durood Shairf is different, has different benefits, and should be read according to the way told.

    So, you should recite the Durood Shairf 1000 time a day and not take another approach and read another Durood Shairf. Although you will get reward, you may not gain the benefit intended.

    Replacing the exsisting Durood Sharif with the one here http://www.islamicacademy.org/html/Dorood/Dorood-600000.htm will get you rewards, but you may not gain the benefit intended (i.e see your place in Heaven with your own eyes before you die).

    Hope that makes sense.

    Jazak Allahu khayran

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    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,
    Thank you for the answer.

    Would taking a shower be the same as a Wadu? I mean, if I take a shower would I have to do my Wadu separately?
    Can a shower take the place of a Wadu?

    Also, is it OK to say the Daroods or other holy stuff in your heart while you’re in the bathroom?

  14. 14

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    For your first question, it depends on the Madhab you follow. Since you use the word “durood”, your probably from an Asian background, which means you probably follow the Hanafi Madhab. Considering this, taking a shower by itself won’t be enough. Along with having a shower you will need to clean your mouth (gargle 3x) and also clean your nostrils (3x).

    So shower + washing of mouth and nostrils will be enough, and you won’t need to perform wudhu.

    Just so you know, it is sunah to do wudhu before a ghusl (or shower).

    For your second question, it depends on where you are in the bathroom (is that area impure) and what you are doing. If you’re next to the sink then it should’nt be a problem. But if your cleaning the toilet, it is disrespect to send Durood on the Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam). That is why many Scholars say that we should not have Qur’an ayat recitations as moblie phone ringtones. We dont know what impure area or state we will be in when the ringtone goes off.

    The best way to send Durood on the Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) is in a clean environment, facing Qibla or Medina and sitting like you would in Salah (namaz). Also, try to recite Durood whenever you’re walking in the house or outside, when you’re cooking, etc. by doing so the number of Duroods you recite will be in the 100’s, or even in the 1000’s. Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

    PS: Try and join YaNabi.com. It is a beautiful website, and your questions will be answered in much more detail by brothers and sisters who have much more knowledge than me.

    Pray that Allah Ta’ala gives me the ability to understand Islam in more depth.

  15. 15

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    Thank you very much for the web-site. Inshallah I’ll join it. You have helped me a lot. Would it be OK if I continue on asking you some questions?

    May Allah bless you with knowledge, and may Allah give you a long, happy, healthy, and a blesses life.

    I want my teenagers years to be filled with knowledge about my creator, Allah.

    Thank you for all of your help. I appreciate it. Please pray for me that it I may follow the footsteps of our Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) with ease.

  16. 16

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Firstly, jazakh Allahu Ta’ala khayr for your kind words and epsecially your duas’. May Allah Ta’ala give you the ability to truely love His Beloved (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam). Ameen.

    Yes, you can still ask me questions. Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

    Finally, joining YaNabi.com will fill you with with valuable knowledge. Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

  17. 17

    kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    Thank you very much for your duas. May Allah lead me to a straight path.

    The did the dua for the eyes about 4 days ago and I still haven’t seen any difference. I believe that Allah will cure me, then what’s going on? I did everything everything I can, but there’s no difference. Why is that?

  18. 18

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Give it another 3 days.

    Like all duas, Allah Ta’ala may or may not grant you your wishes. So, if your eyesight does not get better, then keep praying to Allah Ta’ala. Insha’Allah Ta’ala, your wishes will be granted.

  19. 19

    masood Bin Ahmed said,

    Salma alia kum Warahma..

    This is first time i have gone through this site. i was happy to know the dua for eye sight.. & i would like to ask you please post me a dua for hair falling i am loosing my hair and i have belive on allah subhanahutala and mere pyare agha nabi kareem , ahmed mustaf , mohammed mustafa..sallahu alihi wassalam. peach be upon him..

    shakirin taunakum mayana.

  20. 21

    kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    I have been doing the prayer fro eyesight and it seems like every time I say the dua from the Surah Qaf my vision blurs out even more. I feel like I’m losing my vision, but I truly have faith in my Creator, so what is happening?
    My vision from my left is kind of getting blurry.

    Should I redo the dua tomorrow because it has been 7 days and no difference?

    Please make dua for my eyesight.

  21. 22

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Try asking on the forums of YaNabi.com.

    If that doesn’t help then I’ll try to get an answer from a Scholar in a few days time. Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

  22. 23

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    thank you for your support. the YaNabi web-site doesn’t help much.

    Could you maybe ask a scholar?

    Could my vision be getting worst because I do too much prayer? My parents told me too much abadat (prayer and worshiping) isn’t that good. Now is that true? I sleep about 5 hours because prayer is much important to me than anything, and I’m only 14 years old. I do all of the five prayers and I read the Koran daily.

    Please help.

  23. 24

    kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    thank you for all of your help.

    The YaNabi web-site doesn’t help much. Could you maybe ask a Scholar. I’m sorry I don’t mean to bother you too much.

    My parents told me that too much abadat (praying and worshiping) is not good. Is that true? I do all of the five prayers and read the Koran. I sleep about 5-6 hours and I’m only 14 years old. Should I not do too much abadat?

  24. 25

    kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    If I’m on a journey or on the plane how should I perform my prayer? I don’t want to miss any of my prayers so what should I do about them if my plane ride is at least 6 or 8 hours?

  25. 26

    kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    Do you have an answer to my question about my eyesight? I’m still doing my prayer and I still haven’t seen any difference.

  26. 27

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Apologies for the late reply.

    Our local Imam (Alim) is abroad and will be for a few more weeks. So until then try getting your eys checked by an optician and keeping making dua.

    When I have more information I will let you know. Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

    To your question about abadat. Do as much as you can handle. The advice I was given was to start off doing a few minutes of abadat a day and then slowly increase it to 30 minutres and then to a few hours. In this way you will slowly build yourself to maintain your levels of abadat.

  27. 28

    Haider said,

    As to your question regarding offering salah on a plane.

    You can pray while sitting on your seat. In such a situation, where it is impossible to determine the Qiblah, one can pray towards any direction.

    If it is possible to detemine the Qiblah through the position of the sun or with the help of the direction of your aeroplane, then one may do so or else the above is sufficient.

    However, it is difficult to perform ablution on the plane so one can offer it when they reach the destination and are excused but it is best to perform ablution from home to offer Salah on time and in time.

  28. 29

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    I forgive you for the late apologize. It’s OK.

    I got my eyes checked about three months and they were fine until I began wiping my eyes with the water. I read the Darood Sharif (Ibrahim) (10 times) and Ya Shakooru and then Darood Sharif (Ibrahim) (10 times) almost once a week and every time I finished wiping my eyes, my vision would blur out.

    One of my Koran teacher told me to read the verse of Surah Qaf while I had my fingers and thumb on my eyes and this method also blurs my vision.Same thing also happens to me when I do Ya nooro elevn times. Do you think Allah may be punishing me for something? Should I quit this method and not ask Allah Ta’ala for my vision anymore?????? :(** Or does Allah (SWT) want to see how patience I can be? Could it take weeks, months or even years before I have my 20/20 vision?

  29. 30

    Kareen said,

    About the plane trip. In exactly which direction is the Qiblah? I think I normally face East when I do my prayers. Is this the right direction?

    I have another question. If I’m in a place (school or plane) and I’m wearing tennis shoes and socks, should I take them off or would it be OK if I don’t wash my feet? Would Allah (swt) accept my Wazu (Wadu)? :> and what if my sleeves are too tight. Should I leave my sleeves on and wipe over them with my wet hands without touching them, so they won’t get wet? I hope this make sense? Sorry, I can’t really explain it better.

  30. 31

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    If your put pressure or water on your eyes, for the first few moments your eyes will be blurry. But after a while it should be ok. We all have different tests from Allah Ta’ala, so try to be patient.

    About the plane, well it depends where you are. For example, if your in Malaysia then Qibla would be west, but if your in Mexico Qibla will be east. Also, if you don’t know the exact angle it’s not a problem as long as you are within 90 degrees of Qibla.

    Regarding wudhu, washing the feet is a requirement in the Hanafi Madhab. The water has to touch the body parts (such as hands, face, etc). If a single part of your hand (upto elbow) is dry (i.e not washed) your wudhu is not accepted.

    To put it simply, you would need to wash the all required areas for wudhu to be completed.

  31. 32

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    Thank you for your help.

  32. 33

    kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    How do I ask questions on the Yanabi site? I have been trying, but I don’t know how to use thus web-site.

    What do I have to click in order to type in my question?

  33. 34

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Apologies for the late reply. Have been very busy recently.

    Firstly you need to register to the site.

    Once you’ve done that,

    – Go to the top of the page and click on forum

    – Select the area you want to ask your question. For example, a question reagarding Namaz (Salah) will go under “Fiqh Question & Answers”. If required, select the correct sub-catagory

    – Then near the top it should say new post. Click on that to write your questions

  34. 35

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    allahhumdulila. I find the Yanabi web-site very useful. Thank you for your help.

    I just wanted to ask you if it’s permissible in Islam to wear a pendent with the name of Allah, the Prophet, or a verse form the Quran? Is this a sin? What about having the Koranic verses written in a bracelet and wearing them?

  35. 36

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Yes it is allowed. But make sure it’s taken off or covered before entering the toilet.

    Also, don’t have verses og the Qur’an on a bracelet (or necklace) whilst listening to music or partaking in other un-Islamic activities, as this is severe disrespect.

  36. 37

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    Thank you for the answer. But how can wearing a bracelet be a sign of disrespect and a necklace is allowed?

    I have read something on the Yanabi site about watches and it said that women shouldn’t wear watches. Is this true?

    why is it not allowed for a women to dye her hair black but she can dye it with Mehndi (Henna)? My gets a reaction to henna so she just uses a black dye. Is this allowed or not?

  37. 38

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    You misunderstood me. I was trying to say that your can wear a bracelet, necklace and so on but to show respect make sure you take it off when entering the toilet, etc.

    I never heard any Shaykh saying women cannot wear watches. I’ll try to confirm that.

    About the dye, I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer. Perhaps you should ask on YaNabi.com. Trust me, the kind people there are very knowledgeable.

  38. 39

    zarqa said,


    i am writing to ask u ….hw do i put da water in my eye?…..i mean lyk do i put a few drops of the water inside my eyes or just on my eye lid? and what if some of the water that i place in my eye…sccidently drips down….will that be looked upon as gunnah?

    also when you have stated make niyyat before reading
    ya Shakooru ….what am i supposed to say…please reply as son as possible..

    fanx in advace brother

  39. 40

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Regarding where to place the water, you should place your fingers (with water on it so its wet) on your eyes.

    If some of the water drops its no problem.

    Niyyat means intention. So make the intention the please Allah Ta’ala and make dua with a pure heart.

    Hope this helps.

  40. 41

    Curious said,

    I’m just wondering Sher-e-Ghousia has this actually worked and improved your eyesight?

  41. 42

    Haider said,

    This dua is something I have read, so I can’t confirm if it has worked or not. Like all dua’s it is only Allah Ta’ala who decides.

    If it doesn’t work, then perhaps you can ask other Shayooks for other dua’s you can recite for your eyesight. All problems and illnesses can be cured through many mehtods, such as dua, reciting Salawat, etc.

  42. 43

    zarqa said,

    yeh that helpd fanx….
    but i no what making niyyat is….i was actualy askin you….what shall i say when i am making the niyyat?…can you tell me the sentance that i should say please…it will be much appreciated!

  43. 44

    Haider said,

    Apologies for the confusion.

    The niyyat is made inside yourself and you don’t need to say anything.

    For example, in Salah you make:

    1) intention to read the namaz/salah in your heart
    2) then you will also make niyyat by saying it out loudly or whispering it

    By niyyat, I am refering to the first one (number 1). Just make the intention in your heart.

  44. 45

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    I just wanted to ask if you have the answer to my eyesight. and why does my eyesight blur?

  45. 46

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Another thing you can try is surma (also known as kohl). It is a Sunnah and helps your eyesight.

    Make sure you get the legitimate surma because the fake ones can actually damage your eyes.

  46. 47

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    I have heard that Ithmid Surma is the best one, but what is a legitimate surma? What does it look like? I have tried to look it up online but I didn’t find any matches. Where will I find such type of Surma?

  47. 48

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    You are right, Ithmid is the best surma to use. Also, another word for surma is kohl.

    By legitimate, I mean the ones that are pure and have not been mixed with dangerous chemicals.

    The colours vary, with some blue, black or even brown.

    You won’t find much luck online.

    The chance of finding it depends on which area you live in.

  48. 49

    Kareen said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    Is the surmah from Medina an ithmid surmah? I have received a lot of surmah from a relative who went to Hajj and brought it for me. However, it’s not reddish, it’s more like really shiny black. Could it be ithmid?

  49. 50

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    I haven’t actually seen ithmid surma before so I can’t help you there.

    As long as the surma is legitimate then it should help. Insha’Allah Aza wa jal.

  50. 51

    navved hussain said,


    i want to know that when you say read ya shakaroou, do i read more than thatis or is it just that word than that plzzz clarafy.

  51. 52

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    You only need to recite “Ya Shakuroo”.

  52. 53

    jahead ahmed said,

    can u please make dua for me to get 20/20 vision my eyesight is realy bad and just recently it has been seriousli affectin how i think and see life.ive been reading duas 24/7 and inshallah allah increases my eyesight but it well help to if u make dua for me.and can you see if there are any other ways/duas to help my eyesight.

    thank you

  53. 54

    Haider said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    May Allah Aza wa jal provide you a speedy recovery from the infection. Ameen.

    From personal experience, I have found that reciting plenty of salawat and salaam on the Beloved Prophet (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) removes/makes easy any illness, difficulties and challenges. Insha’Allah Aza wa jal, this will also work for you.

  54. 55

    jahead ahmed said,

    is there anything else i can do to regain my eyesight

  55. 56

    Haider said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum,

    When you hear the name Muhammad (sall’Allahu Ta’ala ‘alayhi wa’alihi wa’sallam) in Adha’an or any other time, kiss the nails of both your thumb and then touch you eyes (with the nail of the thumbs).

    Refer to the following for more info:


    Read number 5, where is states:

    “Thus, this Sunnah of Hazrat Adam (alaihis salaam) became consistent in his descendants. When Hazrat Jibraeel Ameen (alaihis salaam) informed Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) of this, he said, “That person, who when hearing my name in Azaan, kisses his thumb nails and turns it over his eyes, he shall never go blind.” (Tafseer Roohul Bayaan)

    Number 11 lists some other benefits of this act.

  56. 57

    jahead ahmed said,

    thank you

  57. 58

    misbah said,

    I am going to start what you said Please pray for me that Allah bless me with success soon .Please Pray for my eyes I am really worried .Allah bless me with all his blessings .Amine

  58. 59

    sumaiya said,

    Jazakallahukhair. i was in search of it. There is another long dua for eyes but i lost the paper. If there are others plz post em.

  59. 60


    i’ve got a book of duas for lots of diffrent problems nd one of the duas i read was for eye sight it says that you should read this dua
    َكَشَفْنَا عَنكَ غِطَاءكَ فَبَصَرُكَ الْيَوْمَ حَدِيدٌ 3 times and blow it on you finger and put em on your both eyes. so wat m a suppose to do read the dua that u have told abuv o carry on readin the 1 i’ve got

  60. 61

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    Insha’Allah Ta’ala, try which ever one you like. The choice is yours.

  61. 63

    kk said,

    aslam u alikum,

    my left eye is cross eyed nd my sight is less aswell are der any duas for that plz tell me

    jazak allah

  62. 64

    what are the benefits of Dua qunoot

  63. 66

    Sha said,


    I wanted to ask whether you could clearly outline the steps involved in performing this Dua for a healthier eyesight.

    1.) Do we recite Ya Shakooru 41 times first and then apply one coat of water on our eyes? Or recite Ya Shakooru once then apply one coat of water on our eyes, then recite Ya Shakooru again and apply water on eyes and so on up to 41 times.

    2.) I am still confused on how to apply the water to our eyes and what fingers to use. Do we apply the water on the actual eye? As in the actual pupil, or just on the eyelid? And which fingers on which hand (right or left) should we use to touch the water to our eyes?

    3.) When reciting the 22nd ayah of Surah Qaf 7 times (I am a non-Arabic speaker) can I say the English words “Assuredly, you were heedless of this, therefore We have removed from you the covering, so today your sight is sharp” 7 times? Is this the correct section to recite 7 times?

    4.) After reciting the 22nd ayah of Surah Qaf, do we recite Ya Nooru 3 times initially and then blow onto both thumbs and use our right thumb to wipe our right eye and left thumb to wipe our right eye three times? Or Ya Nooru once, blow thumbs, wipe eyes, then Ya Nooru again, blow thumbs, wipe eyes until the third time? Also I have read that Ya Nooru should be read 11 times? Which is correct?

    Jazak Allah

  64. 67

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    1) Recite Ya Shakooru 41 times first and then apply one coat of water on our eyes

    2) Applying the water on the eye lids is recommended. However, there are those who apply the water on the actual eye. However, this method can cause issues. If possible, it should be done with the right hand. However, usage of both hands is permissible.

    3) If you are new to Islam or have recently started learning about the Religion then you may be excused in reciting the words in the English translation. However, like Salah, if you know how to read Arabic, you should recite in Arabic.

    4) I’m afraid I can’t seem to find the answer for this question. The source where I got the information does not provide a clear indication.

    Barak’Allah fi’

  65. 68

    muslim said,

    does ya shakooru really work has anyone tried it
    once you start do you have to do it everyday

  66. 70

    Muslim1 said,

    Assalam Walaikum-
    I am 23 years old. I have trouble hearing. I am a student, and I seem to have trouble comminicating with people because of my hearing. Is there any DUa’ that I can do to Allah to help me.
    Thank you for your help.

    • 71

      Kareen said,

      Assalam Walaikum,

      May Allah (swt) be pleased with every Muslim. And may Allah (swt) guide us to the straight path. Ameen.

      Edit: Video removed due to certain issues. My apologies.

      Friday is the best day to make dua and Inshallah it’s guaranteed to come true.

      Do recite Darood Shariff and do a lot of zikhar. Recite ayat-ul-khursi.

      In case you can’t comprehend what is being said. I’ll tell you the basic;
      He’s saying that after you pray Asr prayer stay on the prayer mat (Musla) and increase your zikhr and ask Allah (swt) whatever you want with a sincere heart. From Asr till Maghrib Salah stay on the prayer mat and do a lot of daroods and cry out through the fear of Allah. May Allah accept everyone’s dua. Ameen. Keep me in your duas. Jazakallah Kahir. May Allah improve your hearing. Ameen.

  67. 72

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    I’m afraid I can’t find a specific dua. All I can say is pray to Allah Ta’ala sincerely and Insha’Allah your condition will get better.

  68. 73


    i had a dream, it was in a place some were in saudi arbia there were lots of men wearing white clothes (the kind of clothes wear during haj) and n my right side i saw a somehing shiney i knew it was, Allah swt, i was standing there and thinking that Allah swt is not pleased with me, then after that i woke up for fajr.

    i’ve also been having really bad dreams for the past few weeks like my cousins and a class mate are dead.

    i want to know what these dreams mean.

    Are they a good/bad dreams?

    jazak allah

  69. 74

    Haider said,


    I’m afraid I am not a dream interpreter, so I can’t really help you here. You should consult your local Imam for advice on this matter.

    Fi’ amanillah

  70. 75

    muslimgirl said,


    im 15 years old. My eyesight is bad, and i think its recently gotten worse. I recite Ya Nooru every night on a tasbeeh. I really want my eyesight to be better, and pray to Allah SWT to help my eyesight. I dont understand why my eyesight isnt getting better if I ask Allah for forgivness and to help my eyes. I don’t understand why others’ eyesights aren’t getting better after all they’re doing. Please explain this to me. I will try what you’ve said above to do for your eyes. Please make dua for my eyes.

    Jazak Allah

    • 76

      Kareen said,

      Assalamailakum, muslimgirl

      I’m 15 too and I hope Allah guides us to the straight path. Ameen. Maybe Allah is juts testing us. Who knows we might get rewarded Insh’allah. Keep in you duas. Jazakallah Khair.

  71. 77

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam,

    We all have our individual tests. Some people’s eyesight will get better in an instance whilst others will take time, and some not at all.

  72. 78

    Imran said,

    How many times a day do i have recite Ya Shakooru 41 times on water and apply it to the eyes and then drink the remaining water for?

    Jazak Allah

  73. 79

    Haider said,

    You don’t need to do it everyday. Do it once on any day and wait for seven days, Inha’Allah Azza wa’jal.

  74. 80

    Sadeque said,

    assalamualai kum wah rahmatullah.

    My mother is losing her eyesight day by day. My mother she cant see anything far. Can you tell me any dua so that i can tell my mother to recite. Please reply ASAP.

  75. 81

    Haider said,

    Walaykum as’salaam wa rahmatullah,

    Try the methods in this post. Also, make sincere dua to Allah Ta’ala and asking for help.

    May your mother’s eyesight become better. Ameen.

    • 82

      Tulipa said,

      I read your comments re bad etesight and bad dreams have you ever check if you have black magic done on you. Do 2 rakat istikara and ask Allah to bring in your dreams clearly if there has been black magic on you. Black magic also cause bad eyesight though you read many wazifa you wil not get cured until you clean your self from bad neagative energy.

  76. 83

    Shohima said,


    I read the first option on reading ya shakooru 41 “on water”……. – does this mean wetting the hands under running water?then using the fingerss to wipe around the eyes….coz you said to use the remaining water to drink on a glass. so perhaps I use the same water from the glass to wipe the eyes and drink right? I hope this isnt confusing to you or anyone as it may sound but I just wated to perform this correctly because Im praying for my eyes to to get better – I’ve been reading surah ayatul kursi then blowing onto my fingers and wiping around the eyes after almost every prayer because surah ayatul kursi I hear has many benefits and cures- so I’ve been doing that……
    Anyway thank you for your help and salam

  77. 84

    Haider said,

    Because you will need to read on the water, you will need still water. If your using water from a cup or a glass then you can drink the remaining water.

  78. 85

    Noor Nazar said,

    Asalamu Alaikum to all…so much of discussion has been going on about eyesight problem and duas for the same…let me explain…first of all Allah tests men with sickness, injury, loss of life of loved ones, with poverty and other problems to see the strength of our faith…so during tough times be patient as Allah has said innallaha magha sabireen in the Holy Quran which means Allah is with the stead fast…and pray for patience – rabba afrigh alayna sabran wasabith aqdaamana wansurna alal qaumil kafireen meaning Oh Lord! Pour forth steadfastness upon us and help us against the disbelieving people.

    now coming on to sickness and diseases – the best prayer for anything – anything and everything is the opening chapter of the Holy Quran Surah Fatiha…read Sura Fatiha and salaat i.e. Durood Shareef on Prophet Muhammad (saw) as much as possible.

    then do the following prayers

    Shaafi is one of the most beautiful name of Allah which means The Healer – so no matter what medications we use or what we eat or drink – unless Allah heals our sickness it wont be healed – so pray to Allah calling Allah Shaafi…you can say in ur own words – Ya Shaafi heal me completely.

    then there are these following duas – allahumma adh-hibal-bas, rabbannas, ishfi wa antal shafi, la shifaa illa shifauka, shifa’al yughadiru saqama which means O Allah Remove the hardship, O lord of mankind , grant cure for you are the healer, there is no cure but from you, cure which leave no illness behind.

    dont think once you pray Allah will relieve you of your ailment, coz it depends on your heart to and how you make the prayers…make the prayer in earnest and cry like a baby when praying to Allah…Allah would surely listen to such prayers…

    sometimes no matter how much we pray some illnesses might not be cured and it might even cause our death – this is because Allah has willed it and we cant change what Allah has willed. We can only pray to Allah but it is upto Allah whether to accept those prayers or not. He might test us further and see how strong our faith is.

    hope this helps.


  79. 86

    Noor Nazar said,

    just to add something more — pray to Allah by using His name Ya Baseer which means All Seeing and Ya Noor which means Light

  80. 87

    Muhammad Hadi said,

    I m Crossed Eyes Any Dua For This Plz

  81. 88

    Muhammad Hadi said,

    it is only with my one eye having this problem

  82. 89

    Haider said,

    Muhammad Hadi, I do not know of any specific Dua for your situation.

    Noor Nazar has made a useful comment which should be helpful.

  83. 90

    K.Aysha Nayeem said,


    Doctors suspect that I have high pressure in my eyes and glaukoma. I have to go for the checkup next month, before that i want to get cured by ALLAH’s REHMAT. please help.

  84. 91

    Rehan said,

    Thank you for posting this dua but i am also reading “ya baseero” 302 times a day, can you tell me if thats ok or not?

  85. 93

    Nafisa said,

    Asalaamu ‘Alaikum

    Jazak Allah for sharing this with us..May Allah’s blessing be upon you Insha Allah..

    i would like to know one thing, that is, when u stated “recite Ya Nooru 3 times and blow onto your thumbs and wipe over your eyes three times”, i am a little confuse at the end when u said wipe over your eyes three times…were u saying to repeat all of it three times or just to wipe over your eyes three times…i really hope i didnt confuse u also…pls forgive me…Insha Allah i hope to hear from u….Asalaamwalaikum..take care

    • 94

      Haider said,

      Walaykum as’salam Nafisa,

      I am really sorry, but I actually don’t have an answer for you there because I got the dua from somewhere else. Insha’Allah do dua with pure intention and Insha’Allah your duas will be accepted.

      Again, my apologies.

      You also take care, Insha’Allah. May Allah reward you for your kindness. Ameen.

  86. 95

    Nafisa said,

    Assalaamu ‘Alaikum

    Jazak Allah bro and same to u 🙂 , its ok and u do not need to apologise..Insha ‘Allah i will do as u say. i really appreciate your help…May Allah bless u tremendously and reward u for all ur good deeds insha Allah…tkcr bro Asalaam walaikum…

  87. 96

    Sana Khan said,


    I am a 20 Year old girl born and raised in America, I am not smart and have a very hard time in school but I am very motivated to do well in life, is there any Darood or Dua I can read to help me with school? Please let me know asap Thanks so much

  88. 98

    Ahmed Raza said,

    Assalamualaikum everyone here..I haven’t read all the posts so far regarding the eyesight matter so I don’t know if u all know this:

    After every farz prayer keep the edges of all ur fingers on ur eyes and recite Ayat Al Kursi starting from Bismillah and when u reach the point in Ayat Al Kursi where u recite “walaa yauuduhu hifzuhumaa”, instead of reciting this part of the ayah once..recite it 11 times and then end Ayat Al Kursi and blow over the edges of ur fingers and then rub your fingers over your eyes.
    (Madani Panj~Surah)
    By Ameere Ahle Sunnat Hazrat Allama Moulana Abu Bilal Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri Razavi (damat barkatuhumul aulia)

  89. 99

    Wasima said,

    has these duas actually worked and given someone their full vision back so they would not need to wear glasses anymore? plz reply back soon

  90. 100

    Tanzila said,

    Duas always work, Allah subhana watalla never turns away from those who turn ro him.
    no one can really give a time for when it will work as only Allah knows, but have sabbar.

    Khada haifz

  91. 101

    Juhi said,

    I have a very bad sight , wearing specs since i was 5 years of age and now i am 28 wearing prescription of -8 and had once a small surgery to close a hole in my retina. I have visited many doctors and many online sites and docs, contacted them regarding my prob but had no hope of getting my sight back to 20/20. This is the main thing we do , after trying out everything now we turn to Alllah and ask for help.This is the very selfish nature of ours when we only then start chanting and pray .I feel guilty for this. But anyways wanted to say that I AM reading the AYATAL KURSEE the way a person mentioned above as to how to read that after every fard namaz since 2 yrs now.
    11x YA NOORU
    and i mostly read subhan – alla walhamdulilah wala ila ha illaha wallahu akbar and every now and then i try reading Quran without specs and contacts.
    I knew about YA BASEERU and SURAH QAF many years back but never tried it.The new tasbeeh I got from this site is YA SHAKOORU 41x whcih inshallah will be starting it as soon as possible.

    May Allah help us all to chose the right path to enter paradise and keep us away from ill health and all evil. AMEEN

    • 102

      Abdul Rokib said,

      salaam, hi have you tried the thasbeeh from this site saying to recite YA SHAKOORU 41x? any improvements at all? or have you found anything that has helped?

      please email me a reply regarding this i would really appreciate it.

      my email is abdulcftu@yahoo.com

  92. 103

    Mohamed said,


    I am a little confused. Do I need to recite Ya Shakooru, the ayah and Ya Nur everyday for seven days or should I just recite them for one day and then wait for seven days and then recite them again?


  93. 105

    Walid said,


    Currently I am trying to memorize Surah Ya’seen and wanted to find a Dua that would help me memorize before the end of ramadan.
    Plz help. Inshallah I will memorize it before ramadan
    Thank you in advance

  94. 106

    Sahar said,

    I read your all common whatever you guys talk about….
    but i have question i have the same problem i have eyeight too what should i do to get fix am soo worrying about itt if one you can answer my questoin.
    In also i have problem with my learning skill i don’t know what should i doo cn one of you answer my these question thankss:)

  95. 107

    Sahar said,


  96. 108

    Aisha said,

    salaamz. Thankx alot for ur dua. I have tried it just now and i’m hoping and praying that it works. I have to use very high-powered spectecles and i mean to ask are there any other duas for improving or regaining eyesight? I study in high school and my eyesight causes trouble for me to learn.
    Please also pray for me to regian my sight.

  97. 109

    Mohammed Zakee quadri said,

    as salamu alykum aisha,

    saba sarkar ka karam hai saare ummat par.dont worry insha allah everything will be fine and your eyesight will be fine.duwa mein yaad rakhiye.

  98. 110

    brish khan said,

    As’salamu ‘alaykum
    my eyesight is quite weak and i am only 17. please please please to anyone who reads this pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY that my eyesight improves. i will be sure to try this dua and INSHALLAH my eyesight would improve. ALLAH always listens and HE will grant our duas when the time is right. i am very worried about my eyesight. please pray for my eyesight. May ALLAH bless you.

  99. 111

    syeda tahmeed saniya said,

    assalamualaikum every one!

    we can also read this below dua 100 times a day insha allah there will be more and more difference in your eighsight.

    (sallellahu alaika ya muhammad noor an min noor illa)

  100. 112

    Demi said,

    SALAM o ALaikum!
    i ve 5 duas on my list and half of them are like impossible category, meaning they demand a miracle to happen. one of them is eye sight cure, so what should i do? shall i continue asking Allah , CUX ONE WHO GIVES up ALLAh’s mercy is astray. But the point is they are legal duas but of worldly importance mainly., again i need them too! really i do!
    hereafter us better tho, so m asking them right. is it okay?
    and last any dua for black heads removal?

  101. 113

    Demi said,

    salam o alaikum! again
    now this is v. important!
    i read surah Waqiah, and ALLAH mentions three category of people on day of judgement:
    the foremost category, the right hand and the left hand!

    so i ve this new desire n i pray to ALLAH to make me one of the foremost category, cux they are closest to ALLAH and the best. But in surah its also written that a few will be form later generations and it makes sense. I WANT TO BE IN FOREMOST CATEGORY BY ALLAH’S MERCY!
    but m not really a perfect righteous person, i mean i stay away from major sins, with ALLAH’s grace but overall m very moderate. u know! no music recently, but i tried to wake up at tahajjud and it was very hard and i was scared at night so i ve done much tahajud prayer. m a girl ofcourse, so what do i do?! how can i be better in good deeds and be in foremost category? can u do some research what foremost category demands? and pleaes tell me! from 7th grade i hated tmporary things and this life is temporary.! waht do i do? so many many people are better than me like kareen above and so many more. they are better !!! ALLAH loves them!!! what do i do?? :(((
    ( i am sorry ALLAH for saying anything wrong above, cux it may be in ignorance and ur the real FORGIVER AND ONLY FORGIVER)

  102. 114

    Demi said,

    * sorry mistake. I have not done much tahajud prayer

    please reply!!!

  103. 115

    Amir Hamza said,

    Have faith in Allah and Inshallah we will all get better……..

  104. 116

    maryam said,


    i just wanted to ask that anyone who has done the first dua, have you seen any difference in your eyesight after 7 days because i want to try it, and inshallah if allah wills my eyesight will show improvement. please pray for me.

  105. 117

    fatimah said,

    can u plzz tell me that after reading ya nooru i should wipe my right n left hand each over n eye thrice or just one hand

  106. 118

    Nadia Saad said,

    My eyesight is horrible. I used 2 wear glasses but I now wear contacts. The contacts make ma eyes red and its stressful always putting dem on and takin dem off. Most of d ppl in my family have poor eyesight. Everytime I pray that one morning I shud wake up and c dat my eyesights back. I bliv in destiny and Allah(SWT)knows better. If u hav poor eyesight you shud pray 2 Allah. If it gets better Alhamdulillah but if it doesn’t don’t loose faith. Everything happens for a reason. Be gr8ful for there are those dat can not even c at all. In whatever position u find urself in give thanks 2 Allah(SWT) cuz it cud b even worse. May Allah answer all ur prayers. Ameen! May He grant us wit Aljannatul Firdaws. Ameen! May He hav mercy on our souls and continue 2 bless us for we r only human.Ameen!

  107. 119

    Uthman said,

    To the brother or sister who wrote this article: Can I have references from hadith that give instructions?

    Also, this due will inshallah improve vision:

    The reference for the narration mentioned in that video is Sunan Abu Dawud, #5090 – declared sound by Ibn Hajar Asqalani and sound by Sheikh Arnaut in Musnad Ahmad, #20446.

    The Arabic of the hadith is here: http://www.islamweb.net/newlibrary/display_book.php?bk_no=55&ID=1838&idfrom=8733&idto=9147&bookid=55&startno=43

  108. 120

    Ali said,

    Eyesight Alhamd thanks to Allah is 20/20. Jazakallah Ya Rabb!

  109. 122

    Uthman said,

    If one cannot afford to get glasses or contact lenses, get a pair of pinhole spectacles. You can pick one up from ebay for a couple of dollars or pounds. Those with myopia will be able to see from far away with them (provided they are used in the day time or in a bright area), and those with hyperopia can use them as reading glasses. Don’t use them for driving though.

    I use them while on the PC, TV, shopping, etc and they are much longer lasting than prescription glasses.

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